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An experimental, interactive project.  Each image has been taken in different locations across the country and the world and each piece is accompanied by an engraved steel plate listing the places included in each. It is up to the viewer to try and guess where each image was taken.

80% of the time, the viewer guesses incorrectly. 

I aimed to comment on the idea that as humans, we all have the need for a home filled with light. That no matter where we come from, or how we live, we all build windows into our worlds to let the light in.

Each piece varies in size, from 3 feet to 8 feet, and each has its own unique shape according to the arrangement of the images in relation to one another. The images are mounted on wood and hand-framed. Keep in mind that the images below are only screen shots of the layouts, and do not reflect the high quality, massive, final works of art.

This project was part of the New Century Artist's Gallery "New Perspectives" Exhibition, NYC, 2015.

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